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Good Meal Hunting

A word from the cook..

To quote the late great Anthony Bourdain, “Good food is very often, even, most often, simple food” and that is what Good Meal Hunting is about. Food is an obsession of mine, if I’m not thinking of breakfast, I’m thinking of lunch, and if not lunch then I am thinking of what to cook for dinner. It is an itch that constantly needs scratching, and my mind is forever thinking of new recipes to try and foods to explore.

Good Meal Hunting aims to provide you with genuine and authentic content. You will not find reviews or paid advertisements for products that I do not believe in. I once saw someone reviewing a McDonald’s Big Mac burger – I have no time for that, everyone knows what a Big Mac tastes like (It’ fantastic). Any recipe, collaboration, advertisement, or promotion you find here will be ones that I wholeheartedly believe in and been heavily scrutinised.

Many of these recipes are my own which have put together through thorough research, scouring recipe books, websites or drawing on inspiration from traditional recipes. Where ideas have been borrowed, I will always ensure the chef is credited.  You will sometimes find twists on the classics, but I take great pleasure in honouring and respecting traditions, and for that reason you will find no cream in my Carbonara.


I am fascinated in the culinary history and how dishes came to be, whether it be by accident, colonialism, migration, or sociological impacts. As I embark on a journey through culinary history, I will try to provide background on some of the classic dishes, techniques, and ingredients that we often find on our plates.

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