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Steak Onglet - A cut above the rest

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Next time you walk into your local butchers, thinking of buying a cut of ribeye or rump, don’t. Ask your butcher for an onglet steak, otherwise known as hanger steak or the butchers steak . Why? Because this cut has the rich flavour of a rib-eye, the melt in the mouth texture of a filet, and the price of a frying steak. It hangs (hanger) just below the diaphragm of the cow. As this muscle does hardly any work, it’s super tender and packed full of flavour. In fact, the butcher would traditionally save this cut for himself, hence why it is also known as the butcher’s steak.

If you plan on cooking your steak well done, then I suggest you give this one a miss. In fact, if you plan on cooking your steak well done at all, then you may as well by the cheapest frying steak you can find in your local supermarket - it will taste no different!

I sourced my onglet steak from @meatlondon, where 200g will cost you a mere £4.00, almost half the price of a sirloin steak! You want to ensure that you flash cook this on a high heat, with butter, herbs. 2 minutes on each side will cook this medium rare. Always ensure you rest your steak for as long as you’ve cooked it (4 minutes) before slicing and serving! This ensures your steak is still juicy when you bite into it.

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